Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stephen Crivillaro - Why Queens College is the Place to Be

Stephen Crivillaro grew up in New York City, which he calls “the greatest city in the world.” Growing up in the city, Stephen Crivillaro always knew that he wanted to stay there for his college experience. For that reason, Stephen Crivillaro elected to attend Queens College following his graduation from Salesian High School.

Staying Local to Go International

Although Stephen Crivillaro recognized that staying in the city might not be the most creative choice for college, he believed that Queens College would give him the most opportunities to travel abroad while getting an education that would help him to become an international entrepreneur.  This is why Stephen Crivillaro elected to matriculate in the Labor Studies program.

Stephen Crivillaro knew from the beginning that he wanted to become an international entrepreneur. Furthermore, Stephen Crivillaro felt that the Labor Studies program at Queens College would give him the practical skills that he would need to meet that goal.

Proud Athletic Tradition

Another reason why Stephen Crivillaro was so thrilled to attend Queens College was the fact that it had a strong athletic tradition. As a high school athlete, Stephen Crivillaro enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that permeated everything he did. For that reason, Stephen Crivillaro wanted to attend a college that also had a strong athletic program. At Queens College, Stephen Crivillaro found that program.

Stephen Crivillaro played basketball for a very successful Queens College team. Although Stephen Crivillaro no longer plays basketball competitively, he continues to be a very fervent sports fan and supports the Queens College athletics program in whatever way he can.

Although many people might choose to leave the city that they grew up in for college or university, Stephen Crivillaro is confident that he made the right decision to stay in New York City. In fact, Stephen Crivillaro would encourage anyone who is thinking about college to consider Queens College.

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