Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stephen Crivillaro – Green Energy Consultant

Stephen Crivillaro has been a green energy consultant who specialized in waste to energy systems. He has consulted on a waste to energy unit on projects in Mumbai, India and in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Waste, and especially what is called Municipal Solid Waste, or MSW, is showing a lot of promise as a source of renewable energy in the United States and elsewhere. Stephen Crivillaro says that Municipal Solid Waste means trash, the sort of things that people throw away every day in the Western world, such as product packaging, food scraps, and household items such as worn out furniture. 

He says that MSW is made up of many different materials, and that a lot of it has value in both economic, energy, and environmental terms. He says that there are preferred ways to manage this material, and that communities across the country have to find a way to balance management options that are environmentally friendly, with those that are economically feasible.

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